TV Production

Ping love to film. Be it TV shows, music videos, tv ads or cardboard-free corporate films. From concept, to storyboard to casting, to broadcast, it’s all done for you.


Beauty is more than skin deep. Your brand needs to live for a long time. Every aspect of your brand communication will be considered. From the proposition to beautiful graphic design to brand strategy, we will make it wonderful.

Web Design

Ping makes the Web work for you. Integrated with your social media and digital campaigns your site will be optimised to work across all platforms and will look beautiful.


The world of marketing is constantly changing. The only constant is your brand truth and this is where we begin. We question what is right for you and your brand/product/service? And where should your truth be seen or heard?


Plan, plan and plan. Your budgets are precious. More bang for your buck is a mandatory not a bonus. Our relationships with media houses and media channels give you this opportunity. TV, press, billboards, digital or guerrilla, let’s find the right fuse point for you.

Visual FX

CG. 2D. 3D animation. Storyboarding. Character and logo design. Computer Games modeling and Animation. We still can’t believe what our FX team can do, they wow us with every new piece of work. What’s your flavour?

Every brief is thought about, nurtured and made to come alive beautifully. Ping is your vision for TV, branding, design, advertising and digital comms.

Building your brand

Are you happy? Do you like the way you look? We can always improve ourselves and this should be the same with your brand. Whether you are at the beginning of your brand journey or you are have stopped at the motorway services for a cuppa, we can deliver a brand that is fit for your purpose. If you have 30 mins spare, invite us over for a brand review. We’ll even bring cake.

Do you like to watch?

We believe in the first rule of advertising; get yourself noticed. And you can do this by commissioning a TV or Viral ad. Ping can be creative with any budget, as long as we work together to create wonderful. Why accept pragmatic? When you can have a world of inspiration ready to rock ‘n’ roll for you. Communication can be entertaining and informative, take a leap of faith and join us on the funky side. Lights. Camera. Action.

The last word

is word to your mother.

"Ping makes wonderful. They are my partners in creativity, they want to know about my business, they understand me and know what I want and what I need. Ping are the go to agency."

− Iam Happee


Creative Director / Co-Founder


Head of Broadcast / Co-Founder


Visual Effects


Digital Comms Director


Graphic Design


Writer, editor, director

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